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Wellhead equipment

We produce X-mas trees and wellheads of all types and configurations.

The wellhead equipment is used for sealing of oil and gas wells, casing and tubing hanging, controlling of the operation of the wells, and for performing of the technological procedures.

The wellhead equipment can be used for the following production types:

  • flowing well;
  • injection well;
  • pumping out with electric submersible or sucker-rod pumps.

The wellhead equipment is reliable in heavy conditions:

  • highly polluted mediums with content of H,S and CO, up to 25% each;
  • working pressure from 2000 psi up to 15000 psi;
  • working temperature from -60-C up to +100-C.

The wellhead equipment and components for PSL1, PSL2 and PSL3, PR1 and PR2 as per API Spec 6A.

For the mediums with up to 6% H,S and 6% , all the internal parts which are in contact with working medium are made from stainless steel. For bodies and bonnets the stainless steel overlaying and cladding technology is used when necessary.

The wellhead equipment can be developed and produced upon individual customer requirements taking into account working conditions, configuration and class of materials.

Wellhead equipment technical data

Gas service wellhead equipment.

Oil service wellhead equipment.