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Complex of blowout preventing equipment

Complex of blowout preventing equipment is intended for well drilling, repair, and maintenance operations, for environmental security. The complex incorporates:a ring-type preventer,die unary and twin preventer;control station for preventer and valve operation, achoke with hydraulic control and a control desk, crosspiece, and control manifold.

Die preventers are intended for capsulation of a wellhead with or without drilling tool in well at any height of casing string during drilling and other operations on drilling and well repair. According to specific requirements and external conditions, die preventers can be unary, twins or double twins.

Annular preventersare used for wellhead capsulation around any part of drill string during various assimilation and well repair operations with simultaneous rotation support.

Universal well head rotatory preventer is proposed for capsulation of drilling equipment providing security of rotating of drill-pipestrings, advance of tool to working position execution of loading and rising operations under the pressure of borehole sphere. It combines the functions of two preventers – the universal and the rotatory one.

Wear parts (burner heads, elbows, trees, connectors, valves) along with packers, fishing tools, safety valves, ejectors, bellows valves are supplied to operating oil and gas fields annually.

Gas-lift equipment is used in oil extraction with the gas energy being discharged from the cellar. Borehole operating conditions: borehole crookedness, low dynamic product level, gas, sand and water evidence.

Christmas-tree operator stations provide valve actuators remote control and that of flow breaker for natural gas and gas condensate field boreholes containing hydrogen disulfide. Fluid drive provides locking device control according to the generated commands.

Wellhead tap valves are used for drill string tubing tunnel prompt capping aimed at excluding an open flowing of the working sub­ stance stream from the borehole. Operating temperature range is from -60 up to +100 °C. Working substance is preflush fluid, brine water, gas, gas condensate, oil or their blended products.

Dampened swing check valves prevent reflux of a medium carried and provide a safe work of the equipment and of maintenance engineers.

Blowout downhole valves allow to blind promptly the drill string tubing tunnel for the purpose of excluding an open flowing of the formation fluid.

Disk choke control station is intended for maintenance of the specified value of pressure drawdown in the wellbottom zone during well construction and completion.

The manifold provides circulation, capsulation and regulation of operating liquids, oil and gas during all the phases of drilling, operation, and repair with the purpose of security of operation, preserving of ejection and fountains, mineral resources and environmental protection.