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The chokes are designed for the regulation of the working medium flow through the outlets of X-mas tree.

The adjustable chokes, manually operated, are used for smooth regulation of the flow.

The chokes comply with API Specification 6A requirements.

We produce the chokes for PSL1, PSL2, PSL3, PR1, PR2, Temperature classes K and L.

Adjustable Chokes, DR type

The design of DR-type adjustable choke is presented at Figure10. The regulation of the flow is made by means of changing of the bean size by moving of the needle with the rotating of the handle.

Adjustable Chokes, DRT type

DRT type chokes are for the regulation of the flow of drilling fluid in manifold line.

The design of the choke is presented at Figure 11. It has the same operating principle as the DR-type chokes. The long bean is installed for protecting of the body from wearing. The needle is detachable with the tungsten carbide base hard alloy bushing.

Adjustable Chokes, DRP type

There are two modifications of the DRP type adjustable chokes. The DRP-150×21 type choke (figure 12.) is for the regulation of the flow from underground gas storage. The regulation of gas consumption is made by means of the changing of the through area of the bean case windows with the moving of the plunger.The design of the general DRP type adjustable choke is presented at Figure 13.

This type of chokes is recommended for using at oil and gas fields with the working pressures of 10000psi and higher. Forlowering of the torque on the handle the special support bearings are installed

Figure 10. Adjustable choke, DR type

Figure 11. Adjustable choke, DRT type

Figure 12. Choke DRP-150×21-type

Figure 13. Choke DRP-type