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Home News VMZ young specialists visited BAYKONUR

VMZ young specialists visited BAYKONUR

In December, 16 novice design engineers and technologists of the branches of the GKNPTs them. Mv Khrunichev “visited the Baikonur cosmodrome. Among them – three employees of the Voronezh Mechanical Plant.

As the specialists of VMZ said, the stay at the cosmodrome lasted 10 days. Familiarity with the work of the cosmodrome and its staff, meeting with the leaders of the rocket and space industry, familiarization with the history and traditions of Russian cosmonautics became important components of the trip to Baikonur.

The trip was organized by M.V. Khrunicheva “and wore a practical training. Her main task was to acquaint young specialists with the process of preparing and conducting launches. The goal of the program is to show the high value of the quality of execution of each stage in the production process of creating a launch vehicle for the launch result.

Young people familiarized themselves with the cosmodrome infrastructure, visited workplaces equipped at the technical complex for the preparation of the Briz-M upper stage and the spacecraft. They were able to observe the removal of the Proton-M rocket and its installation on the launch pad.

“We were present at all stages of the technological operations of preparing the rocket for launch,” noted VSW design engineer Denis Gribanov. – Including such as disarming, rocket removal to the launch pad, verticalization, lighting and, in fact, launch.

All participants talk about the strong impression, which produces a booster in the assembled form, already ready for launch. The height of the rocket and space complex at this moment is several tens of meters.

According to Viktor Tishchenko, design engineer of VMZ, it is one thing to study the drawings in the study, see the launch vehicle in the workshop, and getting to the launch pad is another matter.

– From the type of rocket at the start is breathtaking. And I am proud to be aware of myself as one of those people who worked on the preparation for the launch, – said Viktor Tishchenko.

The launch of the Proton launch vehicle with the Blagovest satellite, which the children visited, was carried out on the night of December 21. After a successful start, novice engineers were given a unique opportunity to participate in the construction of a combat launch calculation. The construction was attended by the General Director of ROSKOSMOSA Dmitry Rogozin, the General Director of JSC “GKNPTs them. Mv Khrunicheva “Alexey Varachko and other industry leaders.

“Our group got a little attention,” said Denis Gribanov. – Alexey Varochko congratulated us on a successful launch, presented certificates of participants and souvenirs.

Traditionally, the program of stay of young specialists at Baikonur included a visit to the Cosmonautics Museum of the cosmodrome, the S.P. Korolev and Yu.A. Gagarin and other attractions.