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The quality of our products is in compliance with the permit (to use technical devices and materials) № RRS G-041 686 issued by the Federal Environmental Industrial and Nuclear Supervision service of Russia: injection trees (OKP code (HS) 36 6666, corrosion-resistant wellhead systems OKP code (HS) 36 6511 (execution of K1 and K2) at operating pressures from 14 up to 70 MPa, climatic design UHL, CL, Y, and corrosion-resistant wellhead valves, OKP code (OKP code (HS) 36 6513 (K1 and performance K2) at operating pressures of 14 to 70 MPa, climatic design UHL, CL, W. The Permit is valid through 23.12.2015;

It is in compliance with the certificate of conformity issued by Certification Research Institute, Certification Authority of Oil Field Equipment (ROSS RU. 0001.11 N004) to manufacture wellhead valves for working pressure of 35-70 MPa, corrosion-resistant performance of K3 specifications AF02.AGP000.000 specifications, and regulatory compliance documents GOST 12.2.003, 12.2.132 GOST, GOST 13846, PB 08-624-03, the certificate is valid throughout the territory of the Russian Federation; certificate of conformity of voluntary certification system GAZPROMSERT ROSS RU 3022.041 O00, “Oilfield” (OC, “Oilfield”) certificate on the above products with a nominal inside diameter of 50-150 mm, corrosion-resistant performance of K1, K2, K3 as confirmed by test results.